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Engage with Fast and Affordable AI Powered HR Transformation

No Software Installation | No Code | Up and Ready to use in minutes | Easy Integrations options 


Job Board

  • Deploy in 10 minutes

  • Scalable, reliable and comprehensive

  • Assisted with Artificial Intelligence

  • SEO and a wide range of features list provides you with the right ROI

Applicant Tracking


  • Custom recruitment workflows

  • AI Candidate Assessment 

  • Screening Automate Hiring

  • Job Board Integration

  • Branded Career Page and more

Video Bot Interviews

  • On-Demand Video Interviews for Accurate Screening

  • AI-Powered Engine Analyzes Interviewee Sentiments

  • Leaderboard Sorts Candidates by Performance

  • Set up in Minutes, Deploy at Scale

  • A true end-to-end online training platform.

  • Easy to use,

  • Fully customizable

  • Cloud-based 

  • Manage employee payroll, leaves, track attendance and more

  • Sleek interface and integrations, save time and money

  • A Comprehensive HR Software to Automate entire HR Process, Customizable & Affordable.


Fully Customisable System, Powered Features for your existing systems, Integrate in minutes, no code

Why Us?

Latest Technology

(Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Based Platform, Data Analytics and more)

Data Privacy 


(General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))

User Friendly

(Makes Information Accessible at ease)

Easy to Integrate

(Plugins and APIs)

Free Custom


(User's choice domain)

Simple & Elegant User Experience

Our products offer, rich user experience to create a comfort and increase your efficiency. Our products are developed to be innovative, provides more comfort, convenience, and featured enriched for the users.

Integrates Easily with Industry-Leading Software

Our products range from the simple and easy to use, to the really advanced with high level of control. Whether you're looking for a complete solution or just part of it, our solutions provide a huge range of features as an APIs that can be easily integrated into your existing platform.

Easy-to-Understand Reports

We provide in-built easy to understand reports. These reports are customisable as per your requirements. It helps you to discover insights and uncover patterns in your data. Our wide collection of in-built reports and custom analytics help you prioritise value areas, improve operations, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

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